Fusion tantric massage Singapore
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Fusion Massage Singapore

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Fusion Massage Therapy

Whether you are struggling with pain and discomfort, seeking to reduce the stresses of life, interested in prevention and wellness, or have a more specific need Jack Schmitt of Fusion Massage Therapy provides you with beneficial options. There are various styles of massage and bodywork, each having their own unique techniques, principles and approaches.

Our goal as therapists is to help address your needs by utilizing the most effective hands on therapy indicated for your situation. Starting with your initial consultation and continuing with progressive sessions, we can design a comprehensive treatment program personally suited to achieve and maintain your specific goals.


Massage Therapies

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Fusion Therapy

A unique combination of therapeutic massage, specialized bodywork, and subtle energy therapy. Fusion’s therapeutic approach assists and encourages the wisdom of the body, mind, and sprit to accelerate the healing process. Imagine combining the most effective components of modern hands-on therapy with the profound principles of the ancient healing arts. This eclectic synthesisproduces lasting results that may otherwise be unattainable by single conventional therapies.

Therapeutic Massage

Perfect for general fatigue, reducing stress, and promoting the overall feeling of well-being. This head to toe massage is characterized by it’s combined techniques of gliding, kneading, and friction.

Trigger Point Therapy

Concise and to the “point” – This search and release technique isolates, interrupts , and terminates the symptoms of the tension-pain cycle. This treatment is very specific. Sustained pressure is applied to hyper-irritable spots (knots) within taut muscle fibers.

Deep Tissue Sculpting

Great for addressing more specific areas of discomfort and pain. Characterized by slow, deep, and penetrating pressures this treatment emphasizes the release and reeducation of restricted muscles.

Myofascial Release

Subtle yet profound, this treatment unwinds restrictions in your fascial web. The fascial system infuses with the entire anatomy of the body: muscles, nerves, and bones. Myofascial release is characterized by pulls, stretches, and holds applied for sustained periods of time

Structural Bodywork

This multi disciplinary approach is designed to restore a more efficient postural alignment. This treatment addresses your total body relative to gravity. It combines the techniques from all the therapies I utilize. This resolves the underlying “cause” of myofascial dysfunction and conserves your energy!

Energy Work

Get your flow back! The human body consists of energy fields that can be stimulated through various techniques in order to promote wellness. These techniques help to rebalance energy in the body, by stimulating, unblocking, or dispersing it. The result is a greater sense of energy and wellbeing.


Massage Singapore

If you are on business or tourist visit of this amazing Asian country don’t forget to book our Sensual massage in Singapore.
B0ok outcall massage at your hotel room and get best tantric , erotic or mutual massage.  Also we offer massage for couples and 4 hands massage.